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Setting a new industry standard for
Inflow & Infiltration Prevention and Restoration

DINJER CMS10K Cementitious Mortar
DINJER SG Mastic Epoxy Gel
RAINSTOPPER™ Manhole Inflow inserts

DINJER CMS10K cementitious mortar is a strong, easy to apply, corrosion-resistant liner. In high corrosion environments, DINJER SG Mastic epoxy applied over CMS10K forms an exceptionally strong, solid, corrosion-resistant barrier. The installation of Rainstopper™ manhole inserts completes our restoration process, ensuring a higher level of prevention for inflow and infiltration, extending the life of the manhole, eliminating costly clean-out procedures, and reducing wastewater treatment costs.

DINJER cementitious mortar and epoxy, used in conjunction with Rainstopper™ Manhole Inserts, are crucial components of a complete rehabilitation project.

1,000,000+ Rainstoppers™ installed - Click here for video demo

25,000+ manholes rehabilitated - Click here for video demo